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Newberry, Florida

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Newberry Florida Pest Control

McCall Service, a Florida pest control company, has been ridding Newberry homes and businesses of nuisance pests for over 70 years. Our highly trained technicians have developed the skills and techniques necessary to safely, effectively and affordably eliminate mice, lady bugs, spiders and many other pests while still remaining mindful of the environment. If you are in need of a Newberry exterminator, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at McCall Service today.

Rodents in Florida

While rodents are generally thought of as simply just mice and rats, the category of rodents actually encompasses many more species including squirrels, chipmunks, prairie dogs, capybaras and nutria. This group of rodents can be a significant concern for Newberry homes and businesses, and offer a number of threats including:

  • Carriers of up to 35 diseases

  • Often bring fleas into contact with your family and pets

  • Chew through electrical wires causing fire hazards

  • Contaminating food items

Tips to Rodent Proof your Home

McCall Service understands how frustrating a rodent infestation can be, that’s why we offer several helpful tips to assist you in preventing rodents from entering and infesting your home or business. These tips include:

  • Carefully check and repair any entry points along the outside of your home, even as small as the size of a dime

  • Immediately clean any spills from food or drinks

  • Use airtight containers to store food

  • Install door sweeps under all exterior doors

  • Keep wood piles stacked away from the home

  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed away from the house

Although these steps are extremely helpful in preventing a rodent entry into your home, they are not a guarantee. If after completing these steps you notice any signs of mice and other rodents, be sure to contact the experts at McCall Service right away!

Home Pest Control

At McCall Service, we realize that your home is most likely one of your largest investments and that protecting it and the people in it is top priority. We also know that places like Newberry, Florida is in a very warm climate that provides pests with the perfect grounds for breeding. For this reason, much grief can be cultivated as homeowners consistently battle keeping pests out. Thankfully, McCall Service has a fantastic solution for struggling homeowners! Here at McCall we offer a superior ongoing home pest control service that consists of:

  • A thorough inspection of the home interior, perimeter and outlying areas

  • Control of all common household pests

  • Use of EPA-registered materials

  • Prompt professional service

To keep a home pest free, regular inspection and treatment when necessary are obligatory. The professionals at McCall Service are highly qualified and are equipped with state of the art technology, gladly ready to tackle any pest problem big or small. Without tested and proven methods we are confident that we can ensure complete elimination of any pest problem! Trust the experts at McCall to rid your Newberry home of unwanted pests.

Call McCall Services

Here at McCall services we offer much more than residential pest control. We also provide the following services as well:

If you are in need of lawn care, pest control or have any further questions regarding the services we provide, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at McCall Service today!

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"I wanted to take a moment to recognize Carl Schnabel for the incredible quality of work we have seen from him. I have been running restaurants for 10 years and have never seen such dedication to quality pest service. He is incredibly thorough, and explains in detail exactly what is going on and the steps he is taking to get us back in shape. (which he has done in a remarkably short period of time) We were on the verge of a cockroach explosion due to the shortcomings of our previous contractor, and his diligence and commitment to our problem kept this from potentially harming our business.

Once again I cannot say enough about his professionalism and work ethic, not to mention the skills and knowledge of his craft. McCall Service and Mr. Carl Schnabel should be looked to as a true example of how a pest control service (and more importantly, its employees) should conduct business.

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