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Lady Lake, Florida

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Pest Control And Lawn Care Services Lady Lake FL

McCall Service is proud to have been providing professional pest control and lawn care services to the home and business owners of Lady Lake, Florida for over 70 years.  As a longtime Florida pest control company, we have helped eliminate ants, flies, termites, bed bugs and cockroaches from residential and commercial properties using an Integrated Pest Management approach.  This means we use the least amount of chemical possible to successfully get the job done, while keeping your family, pets and the environment safe!  If you live or work in Lady Lake, Florida and need a professional exterminator, think McCall Service.

Get Rid Of Termites Lady Lake FL

Termites cause more damage each year to the homes and businesses of Lady Lake, Florida than any other insects or rodents.  These wood destroying insects are masters at going undetected behind walls and under floors as they consume your home or business from the inside out.  McCall Service understands just how financially devastating these insects can be, which is why we offer residential termite control as well as commercial termite control that will help you get rid of termites and keep them away for good.  We use the most advanced termite baiting and monitoring system, the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System.  This system effectively will kill termites and monitor against any future infestations.  If you have noticed any signs of termite damages, which may include sagging window or door frames or small holes in any wood surfaces, contact McCall today!

Lady Lake Florida Lawn Care Services

McCall Service lawn care experts know just how hard it is to achieve and maintain a beautiful, healthy green lawn.  Each lawn is affected differently by several environmental factors including:

  • Nutrient deficiencies

  • Climate conditions, including extreme heat

  • Pet activity

  • Mowing height

  • Current trees

Our professional lawn care service was created to help residential and commercial property owners in Lady Lake and throughout Northern Florida keep their lawns, beautiful, healthy and weed free.  After an inspection of your lawn to determine what environmental factors are present, we will customize a lawn care program specific for your lawn’s needs, not the needs of your neighbors and our services can include:

  • Fertilization

  • Weed Control

  • Irrigation and Sod Services

For more information on how we can help you achieve and maintain a beautiful lawn, please contact us today.

Lady Lake Florida Bed Bug Exterminators

With bed bugs rapidly infesting homes and commercial facilities throughout Lady Lake and all of Northern Florida, McCall Service is ready to help you kill bed bugs!  We offer residential bed bug control as well as commercial bed bug control that will effectively get rid of bed bugs from single family homes as well as a number of commercial facilities including:

  • Hotels and other commercial lodgings

  • Movie theaters

  • Retail Stores

  • Hospitals and nursing homes

With their elusive nature and their resistance to many conventional chemicals, bed bugs are extremely hard to eliminate, which is why McCall offers a variety of bed bug control options including:

  • Bed bug heat treatments

  • Effective chemical treatments

  • Steam

  • Vacuuming

If you suspect your home or business has a bed bug infestation, don’t wait until the infestation becomes severe, please contact McCall Service today.

Protect Your Brand With Commercial Pest Control

An infestation of insects or rodents has the ability to quickly damage the most pristine reputation of any business.  McCall Service understands how devastating flies, ants, mice and cockroaches can be in your commercial facility and since 1928, we have helped keep the businesses of Lady Lake, Florida pest free with our commercial pest control services.  Along with general commercial pest control, we offer a number of different services that will provide your company with the most comprehensive commercial pest control including:

  • Bed Bug Treatments

  • Termite Control

No matter how big or small your facility is or how severe your pest infestation, McCall Service is ready to help.

Protect Your Lady Lake Home From Insects And Rodents

With over 70 years in the pest control industry, the exterminators of McCall Service are experts at protecting the homes of Lady Lake from unwelcomed flies, ants, mice, stinging insects and spiders.  Our residential pest control will keep your home pest free all year long and includes:

  • An inspection of your home’s interior and exterior

  • Treatment and prevention for common household invaders

  • EPA-registered materials

  • Easy scheduling

  • Prompt, professional service

Just like with our commercial pest control, we offer general residential pest control services as well as a number of customized services including:

  • Termite Control

  • Bed Bug Treatments

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"I shopped around for pest service after purchasing my first home in Riverside. When we moved in, we had a problem with some small roaches in the kitchen and larger roaches/palmetto bugs elsewhere in the home. McCall had good reviews and their price was better than some competitors. After comparing, I chose McCall and they sent someone out quickly to review the situation and what plan would work for us. The initial service was reasonable, about what I expected to pay, and follow-up maintenance services have been easy to schedule and relatively cheap. The little roaches in the kitchen were totally taken care of quickly, and now we only occasionally see large roaches which clearly come in from the outdoors--and they are always now dead or dying when they appear. Everyone I've dealt with was polite, the price is right, and they work with my schedule. They also didn't pressure us into buying other services, termite control we didn't need, etc. I have been very happy with them and will remain a customer!"

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