High Springs, Florida

High Springs, Florida

High Springs, Florida - 32643

High Springs Florida Pest Control Services

For over 70 years, the home and business owners of High Springs, Florida have trusted the experience of McCall Service for all of their pest control and lawn care needs.  We take great pride in utilizing the most up-to-date, environmentally friendly products, techniques and procedures that will ensure your property remains free of annoying, damaging insects and rodents including, mice, cockroaches, ants, flies, termites and even bed bugs.  If you live or work in High Springs, or elsewhere in Northern Florida, contact the professional exterminators of McCall Service.

Protect Your Company’s Image From Insects And Rodents

In today’s shaky economy, a good reputation and brand is a key ingredient to the success of any company.  Just one sighting of ants in the kitchen of your restaurant or flies buzzing around your dining room can easily send your most loyal customers running and certainly deter new ones from visiting your facility, which is why McCall Service has designed our commercial pest control to help a variety of businesses and industries throughout High Springs, including:

  • Educational Facilities

  • Restaurants and Food Service

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

  • Office Buildings

  • Hotels and Other Commercial Lodgings

No matter what pest is bothering you, how big your facility is or how severe your pest infestation is, McCall Service can help.  Along with general commercial pest control, we offer a variety of specialty services including:

  • Termite Control

  • Bed Bug Treatments

For the most comprehensive commercial pest control for your High Springs, FL business, think McCall Service.

High Springs Florida Home Pest Control

McCall Service understands how important your home and family are to you and protecting them is your top priority, which is why our comprehensive home pest control will protect your biggest investment all year long from common household invaders including:

Don’t let insects and rodents invade your home, contact McCall Service to start protecting your High Springs, FL home today.

High Springs Florida Professional Lawn Care Services

Achieving and maintaining a beautiful, green lawn is back-breaking, often times, thankless work, so rather than spend all of your free time mowing, mulching, planting and fertilizing, let McCall Service do it for you with our professional lawn care program.  Our lawn care program includes:

  • Weed Control

  • Fertilization

  • Disease Prevention

  • Insect Control

  • Sod and Irrigation Services

No matter how big or small your property is, McCall Service can help keep it healthy and beautiful.  Please contact us today!

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs High Springs Florida

For an insect no bigger than an apple seed, bed bugs are certainly causing major headaches for home and business owners throughout High Springs as well as all across the country.  These nighttime insects hide during the daytime hours in a variety of places including:

  • Behind wall pictures, electrical outlet covers and baseboards

  • In mattress seams and linens

  • In upholstered furniture

  • In cracks and crevices of floors and along the edge of carpet

  • Clutter on the floors

These insects are the fastest growing pest problem faced by home and business owners, which is why McCall Service offers both effective residential bed bug control as well as commercial bed bug control that is sure to get rid of bed bugs fast.  Our bed bug control services include:

  • Bed bug heat treatments

  • Chemical treatments

  • Steam

  • Vacuuming

If you have noticed the signs of bed bug activity, which includes tiny, red bumps on your skin, dark blood spots on your mattresses or linens or a sweet, musty smell if the infestation is severe, don’t wait and contact McCall Service today.

Termite Exterminators High Springs Florida

Because of the serious structural damage caused by termites each year, home and business owners need to be on the lookout for the signs of termite activity, which includes:

  • Mud tunnels along your foundation

  • Small holes in wood surfaces

  • “Soft” ceilings and floors

  • Sagging window and door frames

  • Shed termite swarmer wings on window sills or along walls

  • Dead termites

If you have notices these telling signs of termite activity, contacting McCall Service is your best course of action.  We offer residential termite control as well as commercial termite control throughout High Springs, Florida that is sure to kill termites as well as keep them from reinfesting your property.  For more information on our effective termite control services as well as any of our effective pest control and lawn care programs, contact us today.